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We are a happily married 30-something couple who love sex. He is straight and she is bi. This is a place for us to explore and heighten our sexuality by sharing the things we find erotic with each other. If you happen to enjoy it as well, I guess that is a plus. Feel free to repost our original photos...that's why they are there :) http://exploring4two.tumblr.com/tagged/us Other pics are assumed to be in the public domain, and will be attributed to the owner when possible. Any copyright infringement is purely unintentional, and images will be removed if a problem arises. If you are under 18 please leave and DO NOT follow our blog. This blog is NSFW

The little half smile on your face as you touch yourself is so hot  -  him 
  1. The little half smile on your face as you touch yourself is so hot  -  him 

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